Organic Navel Oranges


Organic Navel oranges are blond oranges with a fine, firm pulp and exquisite taste.

Perfect for juicing, eating in segments or using in the kitchen for a variety of recipes.

The peel of these Navel oranges is yellow with a medium to fine grain.

The taste is sugary and becomes more pronounced with maturation.

Rich in vitamins and mineral salts, they are a great ally during the winter period, providing our body with many beneficial properties that protect us from seasonal ailments.

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Organic Untreated Navel Variety Oranges

Organic Navel oranges are a variety of blond oranges, which we cultivate organically in Sicily.

It is a widely appreciated orange variety thanks to its distinct organoleptic characteristics.

The sweet taste becomes more and more accentuated as it matures, giving the tastebuds a wonderfully enjoyable, sweet citrusy experience.

Even the colour gradually increases with ripening, varying from a pale yellow to an intense orange.

The skin is medium-fine and the pulp juicy and sugary.

The name of this variety of oranges comes from the indentation that characterises the lower part of the citrus fruit.

It is exactly this malformation which identifies the variety and from which it takes its name “Navel”.


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Organic Navel Oranges – 4 Kg: 2,00€/Kg
Organic Navel Oranges for juice – 4 Kg:  1,90€/Kg
Organic Navel Oranges – 9 Kg: 1,80€/Kg
Organic Navel Oranges for juice – 9 Kg:  1,60€/Kg


Organic Navel Oranges: 4-5
Organic Navel Oranges for juice: 7-8


4 Kg/Carton Box
9 Kg/Carton Box

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Weight 4-9 kg
Dimensions 39,5 × 29,5 × 26 cm

1 Kg, 4 Kg | da Spremuta, 4 Kg | da Tavola, 9 Kg | da Spremuta, 9 Kg | da Tavola


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