Organic Pasta

Pasta is the food that distinguishes Italian cuisine in the world, which has ancient origins and is now part of the daily Mediterranean diet. The organic pasta we handle is produced following ancient traditions to ensure only quality, wholesome and healthy products.
Sicilian Ancient Grains
Only the best and ancient Sicilian grains, grown with 100 percent organic farming in the Val di Noto, are processed. Our selection includes pasta of the “Timilia” and “Russello” varieties, two very ancient grains of Sicily, renowned for their healthy nutritional characteristics.

Timilia wheat, also called of “Tumminia,” is an elongated, brown-colored ear of wheat that contains a high protein value and is low in gluten. Pasta with Timilia whole wheat flour is fragrant and aromatic. It is produced through stone grinding.

Russello wheat, on the other hand, is a wheat with a tall, reddish ear; this ancient Sicilian wheat is also high in protein and low in gluten. Russello durum wheat flour gives rise to a flavorful and fragrant semolina pasta. It is produced through cylinder grinding.

These ancient Sicilian grains are processed according to tradition, the drawing is bronze, and the grains are processed in purity, thus artisanally by single batch and without the removal of the germ. Drying is slow, 24 to 48 hours, at a low temperature between 36° and 38°C. This organic pasta is a healthy food with high organoleptic qualities, bringing back ancient flavors to the palate.

Try Timilia whole wheat flour pasta and Russello durum wheat semolina pasta and you won’t be able to live without it!