Organic Snack

In this section of organic snacks, you can find sweet and savory snacks made strictly organically. The production chains are Sicilian and use only quality products.
Ancient production traditions are followed, which take place with full respect for the environment and the raw materials offered by this magnificent island.
Sweet and Savory Snacks
We have selected, and continue to select, sweet and savory organic snacks to please all palates and offer a culinary journey in the small moments of breaks we indulge in during the day.
There are sweet delights such as the renowned almond pastries, candied and chocolate-covered orange and lemon, which come from the Val di Noto.
Endlessly sweet snacks such as hazelnut and cocoa or pistachio spreads, which come from northeastern Sicily.
Or, if you are a savory lover, there are delicacies such as roasted almonds from Sicily, from the province of Syracuse, to supplement your breakfasts or for super yummy snacks.
A selection of organic snacks that will take you on a culinary journey to discover the flavors of organic and wholesome Sicily.