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Anemos Bio is an initiative of Ge.Im.A. srl, a Sicilian company pioneering the production and export of organic citrus fruits since 1992, certified by ECOGRUPPO ITALIA!

The international control and certification body aims at ensuring that organic productions are strictly complaint with current EU and national standards.

The soul of our project stems from the consolidated supply chain relationship with Sicilian producers and processors and from the breath of our wonderful land.

Our Mission

We want to introduce and bring to your tables a selection of high quality Sicilian organic products.

Our basket of organic Sicilian specialties gathers fresh and processed products from Sicily’s 9 provinces, especially appreciated by discerning palates.

We want to give your senses all the organoleptic richness that comes from it.

We have been cultivating a love of our local area and a sense of community with the Sicilian production chains we work with.

Ours is an eco-sustainable vision respecting nature and the land. We are constantly working to grow our new line of Sicilian organic specialties.

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Certified Sicilian organic products

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Each stage of production takes place with respect for raw materials and an eco-sustainable vision.

The production chains we work with are certified organic farms. Their constant and accurate production process is controlled and certified by appointed bodies.

The reliability of our products is guaranteed and allows us to market 100% organic Sicilian specialties.

You can enjoy the authenticity of Sicily’s organic products right at home by purchasing them in the Shop section. We will take you on a journey around Sicily through a selection of culinary excellence.