Organic Navel Oranges

Organic navel oranges are blond oranges with fine, firm flesh that is very tasty. The skin is light orange/yellow with medium-fine grain.
The taste is sugary and becomes more pronounced during ripening.

Rich in vitamins and minerals, they are a faithful ally for coping with the winter period.

Ideal for juicing, eating in wedges or using in cooking for different kinds of preparations.
Available for both table Navel and juice Navel.

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Blonde Oranges Variety Navel

Organic navel oranges are a variety of blond oranges that we grow organically in Sicily. It is a popular variety of oranges because of its organoleptic characteristics.

The sweet flavor becomes more and more pronounced as it matures, giving the palate a very appreciable sweet citrus taste. The color also gradually intensifies with ripening, varying from soft yellow to an deep orange. The skin is medium-fine and the flesh juicy and sugary .

The name of this variety of orange comes from the navel that characterizes the lower part of the citrus. It is this malformation of the fruit that identifies the variety and from which, precisely, it gets its name.

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Table Oranges: 4-5-6
Oranges for Juicing: 7-8

Origin: ITALY (Sicily)
Cat. II
  • 1 Kg/Retina
  • 4 Kg/Box Carton
  • 9 Kg/Box Carton


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