Lemon Interdonato Bio

The organic interdonato lemon has unique organoleptic characteristics.
Mild taste and low in acidity, low in seeds and deep yellow in color.
You will love its sweet taste and juicy flesh, which can be used in multiple culinary variations.

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Bio Lemons variety Interdonato

The organic interdonato lemon is a variety of lemon typical of the Sicilian east coast, grown mainly between the provinces of Messina and Catania. It comes from across between the citron and the lemon, generally large in size and deep yellow in color.

The taste is really pleasant, the pulp is low in acidity and juicy, and the scent is intense and engagingThis is a variety of lemon that can be used for multiple uses without giving up any part of the fruit.  .

Both the peel and the pulp can be exploited in the kitchen for various preparations: from cakes, to liqueurs, to the preparation of first and second courses. But even just a simple slice of this organic interdonate lemon is able to envelop you with taste and fragrance a simple cup of tea.

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cal. 3-5

Origin: ITALY (Sicily)
Cat. II
  • 1 Kg/Retina
  • 4 Kg/Box Carton
  • 9 Kg/Box Carton


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