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Organic Lemon Liqueur

Produced following an ancient traditional Sicilian recipe, organic lemon liqueur is made through a slow infusion of lemon peels in alcohol.

All the ingredients from which it is produced are derived from organic farming.

Free of dyes, preservatives or artificial flavors, the taste of this lemon liqueur is intense and citrusy because organic Sicilian lemons enhance its genuine flavor.

It is one of the most appreciated and consumed liqueurs, preferably served chilled, also excellent as a digestive.

Available in single or multipack size of 6 bottles at discounted price!


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Organic Lemon Liqueur

This organic lemon liqueur, made exclusively from the peels of untreated organic lemons, is the result of a traditional recipe using premium ingredients, prepared through slow infusion of Sicilian lemon peels.

Each ingredient is obtained through organic production, which makes it possible to obtain a high-quality organic lemon liqueur, free of dyes, preservatives or artificial flavors.

The untreated lemon peels, in fact, are allowed to macerate in organic alcohol through a slow infusion so that the essential oils, found in the peels, can dissolve and release the aroma. Being, therefore, organic and quality raw materials, organic lemon liqueur does not include altering agents.

In addition, it is a liqueur that is preferably served chilled and is especially appreciated as a digestive.


Water, Pure hydrated alcohol*, cane sugar*, lemon peel infusion* 7% (400 g whole lemons per liter of liquor)
* From organic farming

Additional info

Alc 28% Vol; no dyes; no artificial flavors; no preservatives; no gluten.

The production lot and minimum shelf life will be indicated at the time of shipment.

Produced and packaged for GE.IM.A. srl
in the factory in C.da Baglio Gagliano C. (EN) – Sicily – IT

  • Single product: 0.5 lt / Box carton
  • Multipack X6: 0.5 lt x 6 pieces / Box carton


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