Organic Lemon Femminello

The organic Syracuse lemon femminello is among the most appreciated Mediterranean varieties in Italy.
The color is bright yellow and the aroma is extremely aromatic. The skin is wrinkled and the juice plentiful, with a sour taste.
It is characterized by high organoleptic qualities, such as high content of vitamin C and citric acid.
Lemon Femminello has three different blooms within a year, producing three different varieties of lemons:
primofiore, bianchetto and verdello.
The availability of our Syracuse lemon femminello is related to seasonality.

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Organic Primofiore Lemons

Primofiore lemons, the first fruit the plant produces during the year and harvested from October until April, have an eliptical shape and a size
medium to large. The skin is wrinkled and rich in essential oils, with an extremely citrus scent. The taste of the pulp is sour and the juice plentiful.

Characteristics that help qualify it as one of the best varieties certainly include its highvitamin C content and high citric acid content. These two components are present in greater quantities than in other varieties of Sicilian lemons.

Organic Bianchetto Lemons

Bianchetto lemons are the fruit of the second blossoming of the lemon tree, and the harvest is from May to June.

They have an elliptical-ovoid shape. The skin, which is light yellow in color although it may initially have a green tint, is wrinkled, and inside the flesh has a lower acidity than the fruit of the first flowering. This is a more delicate smelling and tasting variety. The size is medium.

Organic Verdello Lemons

Green lemons are the fruit of the third bloom of the femminello whose harvest goes from July to September. This is a well-known and popular variety.

The main characteristic of these fruits is the green-colored skin with a sour pulp and very few seeds. The shape is eliptical-spheroidal, with a small size compared to the other two varieties.

They are very citrusy lemons that, in their entirety, are used in cooking in the preparation of various dishes and drinks. The juice, which is plentiful, has an acidity that is very thirst-quenching and refreshing, while the peel is particularly popular both for making limoncello and for making desserts.

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cal. 3-4-5

Origin: ITALY (Sicily)
Cat. II
  • 500 g/net
  • 1 Kg/net
  • 4 Kg/Box Carton
  • 9 Kg/Box Carton


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