Super Breakfast

A box of super breakfast products to get your day off to a great start and get your energy charged up.
A wonder box full of organic Sicilian products perfect for a rich and tasty breakfast.


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For a super breakfast: a rich selection of organic Sicilian products

Super Breakfast Box, a box full of organic Sicilian products perfect for a hearty breakfast that recharges your energy to face the day at its best.

Wholesome, healthy products that offer beneficial properties to our bodies while providing the right energy to get through the day.

A box of products representing Sicilian gastronomic excellence from organic farming.

In detail in the super breakfast box we have included: two packs of roasted almonds, one pack of blond orange marmalade, one pack of blood orange marmalade and one pack of tangerine marmalade, with a creamy texture and enveloping fragrance.

Orange and mixed-flower honey for a full complement of natural nutrients.

Hazelnut and cocoa cream and pistachio cream, superlative genuine palm oil-free spreads.

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