Sicilian Organic Citrus Mix – 9 Kg

Mix of seasonal organic citrus fruits.
A vitamin-laden container, a supply of organic Sicilian citrus fruits grown through organic farming in Sicily.
A 9 kg box with oranges, lemons, tangerines and/or clementines respecting the natural seasonality of raw materials.
From the earth to your table, fresh products with the genuine taste and typical aroma that only the citrus fruits of Sicily can give.


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This organic Sicilian citrus mix is an assortment of 9 kg of seasonal Sicilian citrus fruits. We choose and bring only fresh and wholesome products to your table.
The assortment encloses lemons, oranges, tangerines and/or clementines according to seasonal availability.

All of our organic Sicilian citrus fruits have untreated peels, because our company produces exclusively on organically grown produce, without the use of chemical agents.
You can, therefore, enjoy them in their entirety by also using the peel for jams or drinks. Load up on vitamins with our organic citrus mix without sacrificing authenticity and taste.

Also available in 4 kg format, click here !

BIO BOX organic Sicilian citrus mix, 9 kg, contains:

The production batch will be indicated at the time of shipment.

If you would like to purchase a larger quantity of citrus or a variation of the assortment, please contact us here and we will prepare the quantity and varieties you want for you.
Available here also the 4 kg format.

N.B. The parcel will consist only of citrus fruits in season.
Should those listed be out of season, they will be replaced with other varieties.
If you would like to receive more information regarding available seasonal citrus fruits before purchasing, please contact us by email or via phone .
Also, for shipping this product, we recommend that you choose express shipping during checkout.


Variable according to citrus fruits in season

Origin: ITALY (Sicily)
Cat. II

9 Kg/Box Carton


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