Organic Moro Oranges

Organic Moro oranges are characterized by a red, juicy and fleshy flesh, and the taste is sweet with small sour notes.
An idyll for sight and taste, these dark oranges are perfect for making healthy, wholesome orange juices or for enjoying in all their texture.

Their characteristic color is due to the presence of anthocyanins, some of the most important flavonoids found in vegetables. It is high in vitamin C and vitamin B.

Available both Moro for table and Moro for juice.

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Red Oranges variety Moro

Organic Moro oranges are a variety of orange typical of Sicily. They are rich in anthocyanins, which give them their typical red color and whose intensity increases as they ripen, and important vitamins for our bodies.

In the winter period they become an important ally for daily well-being, because their characteristic organoleptic qualities and the organic farming from which they are derived make them a citrus fruit with high qualities.

The production is organic. These are untreated Moro oranges that restore the true taste of blood oranges.

The production batch will be indicated at the time of shipment.


Table oranges: 4-5
Oranges for Juicing: 6-8

Origin: ITALY (Sicily)
Cat. II
  • 1 Kg/Retina
  • 4 Kg/Box Carton
  • 9 Kg/Box Carton


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