The Ancient Flavors

The ancient flavors are contained in a box that includes two historical and ever-present ingredients of the Mediterranean diet: pasta and oil.
Inside is short and long pasta made from ancient Sicilian grains and extra virgin olive oil of high organoleptic qualities.


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Ancient flavors: a selection of organic products from Sicily with an ancient genuine taste

Love for healthy food and respect for the raw materials used, enclosed within a box that we like to define as that of ancient Sicilian flavors.

Two cornerstone ingredients of our diet, selected to represent Sicilian gastronomic excellences that bring ancient peasant flavors back to our tables.

Raw materials processed with respect for the organoleptic properties they possess.

A box containing two sizes of short pasta and two sizes of long pasta and some really excellent organic evooil.

In detail, we have included: spaghetti and rigatoncini made from durum wheat of the Russello variety, an ancient Sicilian wheat processed by hand using cylinder milling and bronze dies.

Two more culinary excellences from Sicilian master pasta makers: tagliatelle and fusilli made from whole durum wheat semolina of the Timilia variety, an ancient Sicilian wheat, this one, also known as Tumminia wheat, handcrafted with stone milling and bronze dies.

To top it off, we have included the king of condiments: organic extra virgin olive oil, to enrich the taste of these fantastic 4 pasta shapes, but not only.

An oil obtained by cold pressing, with spicy notes and a balanced taste that enriches the authenticity of any dish, hot or cold.

Don’t give up authenticity, choose the ancient flavors of Anemos Bio.

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