Breakfast With Brio

Breakfast with Brio is a box of organic products designed to get your day off to the best possible start, while replenishing your energy.
(The photo is purely illustrative, the products in the box are described below)


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40 in stock



For your breakfast with panache: a selection of organic products from Sicily

Breakfast with panache is a box of typical Sicilian products to start the day off right.

A collection that includes both sweet and savory, to refuel and get the best start to daily challenges.

We have included: a packet of delicious roasted almonds, delicious blood orange marmalade, Sicilian blood orange spread, fragrant tangerine marmalade, and wholesome, healthy organic orange honey, all to be spread on toast or rusks.

Among the spreads we have included a very sweet and tasty pistachio cream and a hazelnut and cocoa cream, both with impeccable taste and no palm oil.

Start your day off right, have breakfast with the bio box: breakfast with panache from Anemos Bio.

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