Taste Mix

Taste Mix is a box of organic Sicilian products containing unique gastronomic specialties.


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A mix of taste: a selection of organic products from Sicily

Box of quality products, all from certified organic farming, representing the taste and authenticity of typical Sicilian excellence.

A mix of taste that will take you on a discovery of typical Sicilian flavors and excellent tastes produced through organic farming.

Inside, we have included two packs of pasta, one small-format “rigatoncini” produced with Russello flour, and one large-format “tagliatelle” produced with Tumminia flour, two fragrant and tasty products for preparing excellent pasta dishes.

A bottle of lemon liqueur, made from untreated organic lemon peels, that encapsulates all the fragrance of organic Sicilian lemons.

Two packages of roasted Sicilian almonds, vacuum-packed to maintain the perfect crunchiness.

A jar of organic blood orange marmalade made from the famous and highly prized blood oranges of Sicily and a jar of wildflower honey produced through organic beekeeping, a product of high organoleptic qualities.

Finally: a tasty pistachio cream, a sweet spreadable cream with high culinary characteristics.

Surprise yourself and indulge in excellent culinary moments with the bio box: a taste mix from Anemos Bio.

NB: the almond pastes in the photo, are not available inside the box.



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