Organic Lemon Liqueur


Produced following an ancient traditional Sicilian recipe, this organic lemon liqueur is made by slowly infusing lemon peels in alcohol.

All the ingredients used are organically farmed.

Free from added colourings, preservatives or artificial flavourings, the taste of this lemon liqueur is intense and citrusy thanks to the organic Sicilian lemons that add genuine flavour.

It is one of the most popular and consumed liqueurs around, best served ice-cold, it also makes an excellent digestive drink.


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Lactose Free product

canlili (Cod. Op. n. 143)


Organic Lemon Liqueur

This organic lemon liqueur, produced exclusively with the peels of organic, untreated lemons, is the result of a traditional recipe using the finest ingredients and prepared by slowly infusing Sicilian lemon peels.

Every single ingredient is organically produced to guarantee the creation of a high quality organic lemon liqueur, with no artificial colorings, preservatives or flavourings.

The untreated lemon peels are left to macerate in organic alcohol by slow infusion, so as to allow the essential oils, present in the peels, to dissolve and release their aroma. As only quality, organic raw materials are used to make this organic lemon liqueur, it does not include any additional altering substances.

This liqueur is best served ice-cold and is particularly appreciated as a post-dinner digestive.


Water, pure hydrated alcohol*, cane sugar*, lemon peel infusion* 7% (400 g of whole lemons per litre of liqueur)

*From organic farming

Additional Info

Alc Vol. 28%

No added colourings

No artificial flavourings

Free from preservatives

Gluten free


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0.5 lt

Additional information

Weight 1,010 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 32 cm

50cl, 50cl x 6 pezzi


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