Organic Ciaculli Mandarins


Organic Ciaculli Mandarins sold in a box, also known as late season mandarins, are a typical Sicilian citrus fruit.

This variety has an exceptional citrusy fragrance and taste.
It has a relatively flattened shape, pale colour and thin peel.
A delicate pulp and a full flavour that tends towards being sugary.
This variety has minimal seed content.

These untreated organic late season mandarins are often used for a variety of purposes in the kitchen.

6 Kg

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Organic Ciaculli variety Mandarins in 6 Kg box

These organic Ciaculli mandarins in a 6 Kg box, are a variety of mandarin that takes its name from the district in Palermo where it is cultivated.

The variety is also known as late season mandarin, as it is produced between February and April, much later than other citrus fruits.
Ciaculli late season mandarins are pale in colour and have a flattened shape.
A very juicy pulp, that is citrusy yet sugary, and a lower seed content than other mandarin varieties.
It is a well-known and much loved variety of mandarin, both for its taste and for its nutritional value, such as a high content of vitamins C and P.

These late season mandarins are cultivated according to organic farming methods, and therefore untreated.
That’s why they make a great versatile ingredient in the kitchen.
In fact, they are often made into delicious jams while the peel is used on a large scale for candied fruit, cakes and liqueurs, as well as to enrich all types of dishes.


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6 Kg/Carton Box

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Weight 6,5 kg
Dimensions 39,5 × 29,5 × 26 cm

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