Organic Oranges

Our organic oranges are organically grown, untreated and certified.

Ours are genuine fruits with an intense aroma and taste, which are produced in Sicily, grown and harvested with respect for seasonality and biodiversity.

The different varieties of blond and blood oranges make it possible to satisfy all palates, even the most discerning.

In fact, the various types of oranges offer different organoleptic characteristics ranging from the muted to the brightest colors, from the most delicate to the most enveloping scents, and from the sweetest to the sourest taste.
Our Sicilian Oranges
We process both blond oranges and blood oranges, in different varieties.
Among the blond oranges we have: Navelina, Ovale and Valencia.
Blood oranges include: Tarocco, Moro and Sanguinello.
Each variety possesses different peculiarities, choose from Sicilian organic orange varieties and do not give up the genuine taste of organic oranges.