Organic Tarocco Blood Oranges (6 Kg)


Organic tarocco oranges are one of the many famous and widely appreciated blood oranges of Sicily.
They have a juicy pulp with characteristic more or less intense red streaks and a pleasant flavour with notes that range between sugary and tangy.
Great enjoyed in segments or as a juice.
Rich in vitamins, they are an excellent natural supplement.

6 Kg

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Sicilian Blood Oranges: Tarocco variety

Organic tarocco oranges are one of the best known and appreciated Sicilian citrus fruits.

They are a variety of the famous Sicilian blood oranges and, although they do not have a high presence of anthocyanins that determine the intense colour you see in other varieties, the pulp has that characteristic reddish colour.

The flavour of Tarocco oranges is a perfect balance between sugary and tangy, while the pulp is firm and enjoyable.

Their cultivation, which takes place in Sicily, follows organic production methods, making these Tarocco oranges 100% certified organic.

The oranges have not been treated in any way with chemical agents, for a citrus fruit that is cultivated in total respect for environment and health.

Healthy and genuine, these organic Tarocco oranges are perfect for a delicious snack, a fresh vitamin-rich juice and adding flavour to dishes in the kitchen.


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6 Kg/Carton Box

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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 39.5 × 29.5 × 26 cm


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