Organic Syracuse Femminello Lemons


This organic “Syracuse Femminello” lemon variety, sold in a 6 kg box, is one of Italy’s most precious Mediterranean varieties.
It has a bright yellow colour and an extremely aromatic fragrance.
Its skin is rough and its abundant juice has a tart flavour.
The Syracuse Femminello is characterised by high organoleptic qualities, such as an elevated content of vitamin C and citric acid.
The organic Syracuse Femminello lemon is of excellent quality and has three different blooming periods per year.
These Primofiore lemons are medium-large in size, and sold in a 6 kg box.

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This organic Syracuse Femminello lemon is one of the most precious lemon varieties in Italy, cultivated through organic farming in the Syracuse area and sold in a 6 Kg box.
It is a Primofiore or “first-flower” lemon, the plant’s first fruit during the year, which is harvested between October and March.
This first flowering is followed by two others which produce white and greenish lemons.

Primofiore lemons, of the Syracuse Femminello variety, have an elliptical shape and are medium-large in size.

They are aesthetically pleasing lemons and the plant is lush, extremely fertile and everbearing.

It is one of the most appreciated varieties of lemons thanks to its numerous organoleptic qualities.
These lemons are bright yellow in colour, although they initially appear light green until they begin to turn completely yellow from December onwards.
The skin is rough and rich in quality essential oils, with an intense citrusy fragrance. As for the taste, the pulp is almost seedless, and the juice abundant and tart.
Among the characteristics which make it one of the best varieties, we can definitely count: the elevated content of vitamin C and citric acid.
These two components are present to a greater extent than in other Sicilian lemon varieties.


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4 Kg/Carton Box
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Weight 4-9 kg
Dimensions 39,5 × 29,5 × 26 cm

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