Organic Orange Honey


This Sicilian organic orange honey comes from organically cultivated orange blossoms.

It is characterised by its very light colour and its intense and captivating fragrance, reminiscent of oranges.

It is one of the most delicious and popular honey varieties, thanks also to its well-being and relaxation benefits.

Orange blossom honey has the ability to create a sensation of well-being within the senses, as well as the tastebuds, thanks to its floral and fresh aromatic properties, its sweet and slightly tart taste, and the sensation of relaxation and serenity that eating it instills.


Gluten Free product

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canmiar (Cod. Op. n. 142)


Orange Honey Organic100% Italian

This organic orange honey is a genuine and healthy product, thanks to the meticulous worker bees who, in the period from spring until early summer, gather this fantastic raw material from the orange blossoms. Trees cared for using strictly organic methods make it possible to obtain an excellent quality honey from their orange blossom flowers.

Orange blossom honey has an intense and captivating fragrance. Initially, its aroma is fresh, floral and reminiscent of orange blossom then, over time, it takes on more fruity notes, similar to those of orange marmalade.

At first it has a straw yellow colour, until spontaneous crystallisation gives it an even lighter colour, tending towards ivory white.

This honey is one of the most appreciated and renown varieties, also thanks to the positive effects it has on physical well-being.

A modest amount of this organic orange honey can, in fact, have a relaxing effect, and be useful for headaches or insomnia.

Additional Info

It crystallises spontaneously, a few months after harvesting


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Nutritional Values
for 100 g of product

Energy 370 kcal /1270 kJ
Fats 0.0 g
of which saturated fatty acids 0,0%
Carbohydrates 80.3 g
of which sugars 80.3 g
Fiber 0.0 g
Protein 0.6 g
Salt 0.075 g


250 g
Multipack x6: 250 g x 6 pieces / Carton box
Multipack x12: 250 g x 12 pieces / Carton box

Additional information

Weight 0,398 kg
Dimensions 6,5 × 6,5 × 8 cm

250g, 250g x 6 pezzi, 250g x 12 pezzi


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