Organic Snacks

In this section of organic snacks, you can find both sweet and savoury snacks of strictly organic production.
The production chains are all Sicilian and use only quality products.
They follow ancient production traditions, which are carried out in full respect of the environment and the raw materials offered by this magnificent island.

Sweet and Savoury Snacks

Organic sweet and savoury snacks, to satisfy every palate and take you on a culinary journey every time you grant yourself a momentary pause throughout the day.
There are sweet delights such as renowned almond pastries, and chocolate covered candied orange and lemon peel, from Val di Noto.
Snacks of infinite sweetness such as chocolate and hazelnut or pistachio spreads, from North-East Sicily.
Or, if you are lovers of savoury, there are numerous delicacies such as roasted Sicilian almonds, from the province of Syracuse, to complement your breakfasts or as a super indulgent snack.
A choice of organic snacks that will take you on a culinary journey to discover the flavours of organic, authentic Sicily.

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